ico mail ivona@clikla.cz ico phone +420 604 225 467
  • Customs audit - review of usual import and export process focused on identification of risk and potential savings
  • Implementation of the customs audit's recommendations
  • Proposals, preparation and negotiation of the authorisations for customs procedures leading to cost savings on imports and exports of goods
  • Classification of goods for customs purpose
  • Assessment of preferential and/or non-preferential origin of goods
  • Determination of customs value, negotiation of valuation methods with the customs authorities
  • Review of commercial transactions from the non-tariff measures viewpoint; compliance with export control regimes
  • Guidance in the process of preparation for AEO certification (Authorized Economic Operator)
  • Drafting or review of contracts on representation in customs proceedings
  • Preparation of import/export process manuals
  • Assistance and representation in post-clearance verifications
  • Customs planning of import-manufacturing-export of goods before starting, changing or extension of production
  • Ad-hoc consultations on current issues in the import and export of goods and intra-Community transactions reported for Intrastat
  • Seminars and trainings focused on import and export processes and rules

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